[Marxism] Yassamine Mather on imperialism and the IS bombings

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 17:22:46 MST 2015


See also Yassamine on the economics and politics of IS:

Yassamine is a veteran of the Iranian revolution and has a very interesting
back story.  I interviewed her a couple of years ago and continue
intermittent contact with her.  Here's the interview about Marxism and the
Iranian revolution:

Also see her fascinating account of Marxism and the Iranian revolution:

I was also fortunate enough in 2008 to do an interview with Torab Saleth,
one of the leaders of the Iranian Trotskyist movement in the late 1970s and
early 1980s, in both Europe and Iran.  It's here, below an article by Torab
abut the workers' movement in Iran today:

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