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Thu Nov 26 00:02:17 MST 2015

I'm  not trying to take the piss -- but  Philip Ferguson's enthusiasm
for the POV of   éirígi in Ireland and the PFLP in  Palestine is
undermined by the fact that these outfits -- despite the massive
struggles logged over the past decades in their countries -- are
marginal to the here and now of what can be/is being done.
If we could be so lucky to have experienced such popular militancy.
Surely that's a problem? A political problem.
Here we have two populations who have been actively engaged in the
rigors of struggle, and these outfits aren't playing  a leading role.
That's not the Lenin way, surely?
Compare that to the dynamics of the struggle politics in Latin
America or the role of the  Kurdistan Workers' Party in the Middle
East...and you have to think that maybe -- just maybe -- there is a
tactical problem in play.
I'm sure that éirígi and the PFLP are dedicated revolutionaries...but
the significance of core rev orgs plugging away at the coal face with
their own program of 'join us'  and we'll lead the revolt may have
entered its use-by date.
Proven by...where is this strategy  working?
In Palestine? In the Six Counties?
Not that I can see.
I'm not saying I have an option to share. But I DO SAY that looking to
these outfits to LEARN may be mistake.
Much as I absolutely respect them...

dave riley

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