[Marxism] Red is the primary colour of the rainbow

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 21:38:20 MST 2015

Louis asks: "If this is the lesson to be learned from the Venezuelan
revolution, why do its leaders from Hugo Chavez to Nicolas Maduro throw
their support behind someone like Bashar al-Assad? If the goal is 21st
century socialism, why does the support for Iran, Syria, Russia, China and
the BRICS counterhegemonic sphere remind me so much of the excuses once
made for Joseph Stalin?"

Isn't the problem two-campism?

There's the imperialists and any regime which isn't obviously part of the
imperialist world gets a free pass or is even 'talked up'.

The ayatollahs, Assad, even Putin (although Russia is clearly part of the
imperialist world and an imperialist power in its own right).

It's like a global version of ABB syndrome in US politics.


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