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On 11/27/15 5:39 PM, hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com wrote:
> The record is pretty clear on SPARTACUS, Trumbo actually had arguments with Kirk Douglas over the script orientation, he wanted to keep with Fast's original work and talk about McCarthyism but Douglas was on a secular Zionist kick and wanted to make it about Israel. There is a Kubrick biography by John Baxter that talks about this. Also remember that SPARTACUS was filmed in Franco's Spain, so irregardless of Trumbo and Fast being Reds, Kirk Douglas was not.
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It has been many years since I saw "Spartacus" but apparently you are right.

"Kirk Douglas, a passionate Zionist, wanted the history depicted to 
parallel the story of the Jewish people and clashed with screenwriter 
Dalton Trumbo, who was more interested in making the film a comment on 
modern-day politics and the Cold War."

full: http://www.classicmoviehub.com/facts-and-trivia/film/spartacus-1960/

Apparently it wasn't only Douglas who was a Zionist. So was Kubrick the 

The only thing worth considering is that in the 1950s and very early 60s 
many people on the left, including Douglas and Kubrick, had not figured 
out how shitty Israel was. In fact a guy I know who is very involved 
with the Israeli left (his son is a refusenik) came to Israel in the 
mid-50s from Detroit where he was in the CP. He was under the impression 
at the time that radicals could help turn Israel into a kind of vanguard 
for radical change in the Middle East. He was obviously wrong as he 
would readily admit today but back then it was a lot easier to be fooled.

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