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Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 22:26:21 MST 2015

Clay this article is tremendously important research into the 
backgrounds of countless ISIS recruits as well as others traveling to 
fight but not for ISIS. Essential for the left to understand these 
things, to demystify ISIS, if it is ever to defeat Daesh by being an 
alternative pole of attraction for those inspired by internationalist 
ideals. as you suggest.

Unfortunately I can't see that happening any time soon; if not the 
ridiculously pro-Assad left, it is more the dreadful Tariq Ali, UK Stop 
the War, type of "left" that remains dominant, which means despair, 
frankly. All the more so since the important revolutionary left 
governments of Latin America - whose presence on the world scene could 
actually make a difference - are now essentially irrelevant to the 
Mideast due to their dreadful position on these issues (which may not 
alter their the fact that they are still doing great things in Latin 
America, but for exactly this reason they are grand opportunity wasted 
for offering left leadership in the Mideast).

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Am I the only Marxist who thinks we should defeat Daesh by winning many 
the same young people they are recruiting for jihad to the side of

Only a reclaimed Left can defeat Daesh

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