[Marxism] Netanyahu and Putin agree to expand and deepen military coordination, engaged in a big battle against militant Islam

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Mon Nov 30 22:01:53 MST 2015

Netanyahu and Putin agree to expand and deepen military coordination


By i24news
Published: 11/30/2015 - 09:10pm, updated: 09:14pm

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladmir 
Putin, November 30 2015

Putin also extended his good wishes ahead of the "very bright" Jewish 
holiday of Hanukkah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President 
Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Paris climate summit on Monday.

The two leaders, who last met in Moscow in September have reportedly 
agreed to deepen military coordination in order to avoid unwanted 
clashes in Syria, an Israeli official told i24news diplomatic 
correspondent Tal Shalev.

During the meeting, Netanyahu told Putin that the "events of recent days 
prove the importance of our coordination, our de-confliction mechanisms, 
our attempts to cooperate with each other to prevent unnecessary 
accidents and tragedies, and I believe that we’ve been successful. It’s 

“Secondly, I think we are engaged in a big battle against militant 
Islam, the terrorism it spews forward, the savagery, the barbarism. And 
this is another point of contact in addition to many others that we’re 
engaged in. I hope that Israel and Russia can see eye to eye on all the 
strategic matters, but I want to assure you that we believe that it’s 
within our powers to have very good coordination on the ground and in 
the air so that we do not create the kind of problems that we’ve been 

“I’m very satisfied, by the fact that our militaries have been very 
careful to coordinate with one another and will continue to do so," 
Netanyahu continued on to say, "I think this is an indication of the 
openness and the success of the relationship between Israel and Russia, 
our relationship."

Ivan Sekretarev (Pool/AFP)

Ivan Sekretarev (Pool/AFP)
"Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) shakes hands with Israeli Prime 
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting at the Novo-Ogaryovo 
residence, outside Moscow, on September 21, 2015"

Netanyahu was in Moscow in September and told reporters that an 
unprecedented and crucial mechanism had been established to prevent such 

Putin said that "very serious developments" have occurred since the last 
meeting between the two leaders in Moscow in September but that he was 
"satisfied" with the progress of bilateral ties with Israel. He also 
wanted to "note the mechanism which has been proposed" by Netanyahu has 
helped the two countries avoid unwanted military clashes between the two 
countries over Syria.

Putin also extended his good wishes ahead of the "very bright" Jewish 
holiday of Hanukkah, which he said "symbolizes the triumph of light over 
dark," adding that he hopes the spirit of Hanukkah will extend to 
"international affairs."

Israel has reportedly launched more than a dozen air strikes in Syria 
since 2013, mainly targeting alleged arms transfers to Hezbollah, and 
Israeli officials were believed to have feared that Russia's 
intervention could limit their room for maneuver.

Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Boogie Ya'alon said Monday that Russia 
is aware that Israel may carry out airstrikes in Syria and that Moscow 
is committed to allowing Israel to take any necessary actions.

"Under the agreements we have with the Russians, they act in accordance 
with their interests; we act in accordance with our interests; and the 
one doesn’t bother the other," he said 

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