[Marxism] Statement from the Civil Society of Russia and the Syrian opposition living in Russia

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I'm not following. There are Syrian oppositionists living in Russia?

- Amith

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> Statement from the Civil Society of Russia and the Syrian opposition
> living in Russia:
> http://therawrreport.net/article/2015/09/30/statement-civil-society-russia-and-syrian-opposition-living-russia
> To Citizens of Russia and people of the democratic countries of the world!
> The Putin regime, whose leaders have their hands stained with the blood of
> citizens of Ukraine and Russia, has committed a new massacre today by
> sending military aircraft to bomb cities in Syria controlled by opposition
> troops of the Syrian opposition.
> Barbaric airstrikes were inflicted within the province of Homs, which is
> controlled by the opposition rebels against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad,
> and it has been reported by rebels that these airstrikes have already
> kllled at least 65 people, most of whom are civilians including at least 6
> children.
> We express our solidarity with the opposition forces against Bashar Assad
> and support their just struggle against the Syrian regime, which is
> responsible for killing hundreds of thousands Syrians.
> This monstrous crime is the continuation of the bloody crimes of Putin's
> military operations in Georgia, Ukraine and is the beginning of a new war
> that the bandits of the Kremlin are pulling Russia into.
> We, the citizens of Russia, condemn these terrible crimes against the
> friendly Syrian people and we demand the immediate withdrawal of Russian
> troops from Syria and an end to the barbaric bombings.
> We call on all citizens of Russia, Ukraine and the world to express their
> outrage of these bloody crimes and to take part in anti-war actions under
> the slogans:
> Putin- get out of Ukraine and Syria!
> Enough of the bloodshed of innocent civilians!
> Hague tribunal for Putin's gang!
> Putin, Hands Off Syria!
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