[Marxism] Regarding Russian Airstrikes

John Edmundson johnedmundson4 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 16:19:05 MDT 2015

Ron wrote:
"We should be talking about the current situation, which is partially the
result of the US decision to not support the progressive rebels of Gopal's
article, but the socially reactionary ones."

But of course that was who the US would back. It's what they do. If we
abandoned every revolutionary struggle because the US found some compliant
faction to support, we would rule out revolution everywhere, and the US's
job would be made very easy. We would not have supported the anti-apartheid
movement because the US liked Buthilezi. We would not have supported the
MPLA because the US supported Unita. Etc.

If I have to choose between a mass murderer with Israel's seal of approval
and a less than perfect resistance, I'll support the resistance. And saying
"a plague on both their houses" won't cut it.

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