[Marxism] Fwd: Russia and the Syrian Revolution: A View from Anzali Bridge  | AnotherCountry

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Oct 2 14:09:30 MDT 2015

One problem with the debate around Syria is that it has actually become 
“common sense” that Putin and Assad are fighting an “American funded” 
ISIS. The fact that this is bollocks (they ain’t fighting ISiS and ISIS 
aren’t American backed) isn’t even the main problem. Neither is the soft 
“Stalinism without Stalin” of the left who are lining up behind the 
butchers of the Middle East.

I use the phrase “Stalinism without Stalin” advisedly. In blog posts 
such as Sukant Chandan’s recent spewing, the argument is explicitly made 
that Russia is not an imperialist power.  In the typical cod theological 
style of a Stalinist concept chopper, Chandan’s relies on a ninety year 
old schema to “show” that according to Lenin’s theory of imperialism 
Russia by definition cannot be imperialist.

Leaving aside the fact that arguments resting on these kinds of 
definition shifts are basically the hall mark of a second rate 
theologian, it strikes me as odd that a brother whose whole raisin 
d’être is to position himself as “considerably more anti imperialist 
than yaw” is still rinsing Lenin on what imperialism is. As even Mike 
MacNair (hardly someone who is a strong black nationalist) has pointed 
out, the big problem with Lenin’s view of Imperialism is that in 
claiming that it constitutes a teleological development of capitalism is 
that it obscures the reality that colonialism and imperialism were the 
sine qua non of the birth of the White capitalist system. Capitalism and 
the world around us is built on the great acts of enslavement, theft and 
murder of the birth of capitalist colonialism. That the brother chooses 
a theoretical concept that obscures this presumably has something to do 
with the fact that his Russian freinds spent the nineteenth century 
doing what white folk spent the nineteenth century doing; committing 
genocide and grotesque acts of colonialism all across Asia and the East.


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