[Marxism] The Bay of Pigs and Syrian Rebels

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Oct 3 10:22:11 MDT 2015

Barry Lando,

In your CounterPunch article you write:

"Rebel forces, secretly armed and trained by the CIA, attempt to 
overthrow a brutal dictator despised and vilified by Washington. Hit by 
devastating airstrikes, the rebels put out a frantic call for American help.

"Sounds like the latest reports from Syria, where Russian planes have 
been attacking rebel forces including groups backed by the CIA, and 
rebel commanders are pleading for aid from the U.S.

"It also sounds like a tragic drama that played out more than half a 
century ago, at Cuba’s Bay of Pigs."

You are a bit confused. The Cuban counter-revolutionary forces hoped to 
reinstall Fugelncio Batista or some refurbished version of the Cuban 
dictator who ruled by torture, death squads, kangaroo courts and the 
like with the intention of propping up an elite that could care less if 
the rural folk lived or died.

That in essence was how Bashar al-Assad ruled Syria.

You apparently side with Assad because the CIA gave the rebels some 
guns. If American support for rebel causes was a litmus test, then Mao 
Zedong and Ho Chi Minh would have certainly failed since they too took 
arms and training from the OSS.

Or perhaps you expected the rebels to forsake taking or buying arms from 
the USA, Qatar or Saudi Arabia? Should they have used pitchforks against 
MIG's instead? I understand that rural folk can be pretty intimidating 
when they get their dander up but I am afraid a pitchfork is no match 
against a jet that is firing rockets.

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