[Marxism] LRTPF and attacks on working class

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 18:32:58 MDT 2015

Thomas wrote:
>It may be the relentless attack on working class livings everywhere is
driven, in major part, by efforts to compensate for the falling rate of
profit. It may be that the effects of the falling rate of profit, although
not of immediate resonance, provide the fuse that brings on an explosion.

>Perhaps general extreme working class atomisation may contain a now
largely unexpected opposite: a working class somewhere crystalizing and
organizing itself to fight for itself, with all that could possibly lead to.

>The working class now is a world class.

It's the fact that the working class is global that gives me hope.

As awful as things seem in the imperialist world - and they are truly awful
in NZ in terms of working class consciousness and resistance - there is
always some light in the tunnel.  Some workers somewhere are doing
something inspiring.  Taking some steps forward.


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