[Marxism] Fwd: Putin and Right Wing Politics At Home

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 4 07:41:11 MDT 2015

The European far right has made its admiration for the Russian President 
plain for all to see. They see in his tough man rhetoric, unabashed 
celebration of hyper-masculinity, crackdown on all threats to 
heteronormativity, and general disdain for liberalism as exemplary of a 
politics of greatness which they wish to restore to their own 
governments. In this they are not alone, Republicans in the United 
States (who are themselves closer to the European far right on many 
issues than the conservative parties of Europe) routinely cite Putin as 
an example of "a real leader" in contrast to the supposedly effeminate 
and weak Obama.

While the Republicans use Putin as a foil to present their vision of a 
true Father-Leader, the European right looks to a bright new future in 
which the US's politics of liberal imperialism are displaced by an 
arch-conservativism reminiscent of the old Concert of Europe. They want 
Metternichs and Guizots, Prussian discipline and Czarist autocracy, and 
no more bothersome international standards for rights and civil society. 
They want unfettered strong men to run roughshod over workers' pensions 
and immigrants-Muslim or not-and they want to send a strong message 
across the Pond to the US: we are a new, illiberal Europe, and some 
things are going to change around here.


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