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  concerning the dating of the material used by Frederick Engels in compling vol. 3 of "Capital" 

> The editors of MEGA:

  in a publication note by the Academy of Science Berlin-Brandenburg, which is organizing the historical-critical edition of the works of Marx and Engels: 

> Source:  
> http://mega.bbaw.de/struktur/abteilung_ii/ii-15

  follows a misleading summary by my correspondent: 

> Engels consulted later manuscripts (which will/have been published
> as part of MEGA), but the published text of "Volume III" is based
> upon the 1864/65 manuscript, with heavy editorial changes by Engels.

  Frederick Engels gives a much more detailed account of how he constructed the third book of "Das Kapital". 

  He did not date the main manuscript, but said that it was unfinished and as such unuseable for publication. Engels said that certain parts were taken from other manuscripts of the 1870ies, and one chapter is completely written by Engels himself, because Marx had only noted the chapter's title. And Engels writes that the mathematical formula of calculating the relationship of rate of profit to rate of surplus value had to be corrected. All parts of the text which are by Engels are included in brackets "[yxyxyxyx]"

  Regarding the law of the tendential fall of the rate of profit -- this is in part three (Chapters 13, 14, 15) -- Engels wrote: 

> As for the following three parts, aside from stylistic editing I was able to follow the original manuscript almost throughout. 

  I invite the readers here ot read Engel's introduction himself, either the German original at
> http://www.mlwerke.de/me/me25/me25_007.htm   

or in the English translation at
> https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1894-c3/pref.htm 

  Engels performed an indispensable work which no other person could have done, and thus was able to bring humanity a very, very valuable item, Karl Marx' final volume his main scientific work. 

  The publisher's publication note which New Angel quoted says that the publication of that book provoked many disputes, some of which are regurgitated today -- in my view all kinds of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois apologists of the capitalist rule. A late one was brought to my attention by Louis Proyect, and article by Prof. Unsinn (er, Sinn is his legal name), the president of the Munich based "IFO Institut" and producer of a lot of nonsense, who wrote an article about the falling rate of profit. 

  As to the reality of the falling rate of profit (which is described by Marx as a tendency, which is checked by many counter forces), it should be enough to look at the interest rates in the imperialist countries, which is at its lowest possible level near zero, in some cases even negative. 

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