[Marxism] Capital vol 3

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 4 12:07:56 MDT 2015

Einde O'Callaghan wrote:

> On behalf of MIA I'd like to thank you for the backhanded "compliment"

For crying out loud, stop being so butthurt.  There was nothing "backhanded" about my compliment.  I was simply pointing out to Ferguson that a reference to MIA is not an authoritative statement on anything, especially not such a vague formulation as:

"Engels drew on writings written between 1863 and 1883." 

Engels may have "drawn upon" various manuscripts (as indicated in the MEGA editorial note I quoted), but the 1864/65 manuscript is the foundation for Engels' "Volume III"; there is simply no doubt about that, especially given the practice of some Marx scholars, when citin gpassages, to simultaneous give two references: one to the MEGA edition of the 1864-65 manuscripts, and then a reference to MEW Vol. 25, which is Engels' edition of "Volume III".  The 1864/65 manuscript is the foundation for Engels edition of the third volume of Capital, especially for the material concerning FROP (a reminder: this whole mini-tangent came about because someone called into question the validity of FROP on the basis of manuscript used as the basis for Volume III being the oldest).  

Why are people getting all worked up about the totally non-controversial statement that the manuscript that Engels used as the basis for Volume III (and which provides the textual passages for the material on FROP) is older than the manuscript for Vol. I and the manuscript used for Engels' edition of Volume II? 

If people want to, I can post passages from the MEGA edition of the 1864-65 manuscript (with Marx's hilariously archaic orthography) alongside passages Engels' edition of Volume III, so they can see for themselves.  

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