[Marxism] Capital vol 3

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 18:44:34 MDT 2015

Angelus writes:
>One, the 1857-1858 manuscript (Grundrisse der Kritik der politischen
?konomie) is not even part of the Capital project, but of Marx's earlier,
abandoned project of a six-book "Critique of Political Economy."

Duh!  The six-volume planned work was abandoned, but the material wasn't.
The working out that he did in the Grundrisse became part of the 'Capital'
project.  It's just absurd to imply everything in the Grundrisse was simply
abandoned - two projects, no connection.

You're also the first person I've come across who has made this argument.
All that material in the Grundrisse - nothing to do with what became the
vols of Capital!!!  Extradordinary!

What Marx actually did was *reorganise* the material, not simply junk it as
if the hundreds and hundreds of pages which made up the Notebooks had
nothing to do with the subject.

For instance, in the original project he was going to analyse the
commodity, but not start with it.  In vol 1, he started with it, because
within a single commodity are the contradictions of the capitalist mode of
production.  But his analysis of the commodity began well before vol 1 was
published and well before your 1864/65 manuscript.

On the theory and the actual economy - no-one asserts that Marx's crisis
theory (LTRPF) would be of any value unless it explained the workings of
the economy as it actually exists.  The thing is - of course - that it

And no-one - least of all your beloved Heinrich - has come up with a better
explanation (or set of explanations) for what are clearly inherent
tendencies to crisis within the system.

These days most of the serious Marxist writers on capitalist crisis accept
and use LTRPF analysis.  That didn't use to be the case.  It's the case now
because no other theory has stood up.

Heinrich may have carved himself a niche in academia with his revisionism
re Marx, but he's of no practical use to workers confronted by the daily
realities of the workings of the system.


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