[Marxism] The Irish Revolution

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 4 19:40:48 MDT 2015

On 10/4/15 9:25 PM, Philip Ferguson via Marxism wrote:
> In the past few days I’ve been in contact with a number of republicans
> around Ireland and further afield, as part of my attempt to expand this
> blog’s readership and also to find more people to write for it.

I think that the work that Phil is doing with the Redline blog is very 
important and of a high quality. With the demise of the "vanguardist" 
left such publications are helping to not only fill a vacuum but to move 
us closer to the world party of socialist revolution that is still only 
on the horizon. I urge comrades to contact Phil if you want to help in 
this effort.

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