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on Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015 at 17:19, Angelus Novus via Marxism wrote:

> I'm not even sure what the intention of this non sequitur is.  Yes,
> Engels made substantial editorial modifications to the manuscript,
> and even wrote entire passages himself.  Why you think anyone
> disputes this is beyond me.  Or do I misunderstand you and you side
> with those who dispute the credibility of of Engels edition by
> pointing out the substantial modifications he made to Marx's original manuscripts?

 Engels, being the other half of the siamese twins, COMPLETED the unfinished work of his life long companion. He had to. There was no other one who could have done it, except his close friend Karl Marx. But that one died before the General. Engels did a great work by completing the work. Without Engels' work we would not be able to read it. 

  If you want to enhance the role of Engels in this work, this is against Engels' own intention. Engels attributed the main role in this scientific work to his siamese twin (in political terms), Karl Marx. 

 Petty bourgeois intellectuals like to romanticize Marx and to demonize the other part of the unseparable political twins. Even if Marx treated them the same satirical way as Engels did. 

 And they also like to hide the revolutionary strategy the couple pursued in the 1848/49 revolution, calling for a revolutionary war against Czarist Russia to reconsitute Poland as an united and independent republic, this being the necessary precondition for the establishment of not only Germany, but also Hungary and Italy as independent republics (I am currently working to improve the presentation of Engels' articles about the July 1848 chatterbox on the annexation of the Prussian occupied parts of Poland to Germany in the 1848/49 Nationalversammlung in the Frankfurt Paulskirche  http://www.mlwerke.de/me/me05/me05_319.htm ). There you have more of the reasons why the petty bourgeois intellectuals hate Engels for the treatment is giving them in those articles. 

>> Regarding the law of the tendential fall of the rate of profit -- this is in part three 

>> (Chapters 13, 14, 15)

> This is actually Marx's third chapter of the 1864-65 Manuscript, as
> Heinrich notes.  Given that the whole discussion around FROP was
> precisely what gave rise to the contention about the sequence in
> which the manuscripts were written, I thank you for bringing things
> back full circle and acknowledging that the contentious passages in
> question were, indeed, written before Volume I.

 before Volume 1 was _published._

 And it is actually very plain and absolutely not hard to understand. Today's reality makes that easy. 

>> bourgeois and petty-bourgeois apologists of the capitalist rule. 
> Bro, do you actually use sentences like that in real life? 

 Me, your brother?  Oh no! I wave you a good bye with the words of the Erdgeist leaving Faust alone in his study: 
"Du gleichst dem Geist, dem Du begreifst, nicht mir!" 

 As to the real life, sure. I use it for all people like Professor Unsinn and you. And I don't hide behind some celestial disguise. 

 And, as far as what I am for is concerned, I am for having a good dinner tonight. 

Lüko Willms
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