[Marxism] Capital vol 3

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 4 23:38:00 MDT 2015

Lüko Willms:

> Engels, being the other half of the siamese twins

Amazing how the other half of the siamese twins didn't even know about the existence of the manuscript until Marx's housekeeper found it after his death.  

> Engels did a great work by completing the work. 

Engels took an old manuscript, and rendered it into a "Volume III" of Capital, with all the ambiguities that implies.

> Without Engels' work we would not be able to read it. 

Leaving Helena Demuth out of this, are we?  No wonder Trots have a reputation for being crusty old white dudes.

> If you want to enhance the role of Engels in this work, this is against Engels' own intention.

So much the worse for Engels, then, considering his substantial role in editing and modifying the work.

> And they also like to hide the revolutionary strategy the couple pursued in the 1848/49 revolution, calling for a revolutionary war against Czarist 
> Russia to reconsitute Poland as an united and independent republic, this being the necessary precondition for the establishment of not only Germany, but > also Hungary and Italy as independent republics (I am currently working to improve the presentation of Engels' articles about the July 1848 chatterbox 

> on the annexation of the Prussian occupied parts of Poland to Germany in the 1848/49 Nationalversammlung in the Frankfurt Paulskirche 

This is a total non sequitur.  You forget to take your meds today, homie?

> because you try to use this simple fact as a weapon against Marx' scientific and political legacy. 

lol wat?  Stop hittin' the pipe, dawg.

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