[Marxism] Your Huffington Post article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 5 07:55:41 MDT 2015

Professor Bromwich,

Are you aware that your article in today's Huffington Post is almost 
identical to what Robert Fisk wrote in the Independent?


Now I don't think that you plagiarized him but I will say that the same 
article has been written about 10,000 times already by you, Robert Fisk, 
Patrick Cockburn, Seymour Hersh, Charles Glass, and others probably that 
fall beneath your radar. In addition to these liberal pundits, the same 
tilt toward Assad/Putin can be seen on the far right. Donald Trump and 
Rand Paul's attitudes are basically the same as yours. I suppose that 
your affinity with the latter group might make sense given your 
intellectual embrace of Edmund Burke, who is the father of modern 

I find the affinity between "anti-war" figures such as yourself for 
Russian power and that of the American and European far right (Marine Le 
Pen, Nigel Farage) quite fascinating. It is a curious mixture of 
Islamophobia and a longing for the muscular and masculine mystique of 
Vladimir Putin. For some strange reason he arouses a certain kind of 
frisson among Walter Mitty academics and journalists. What this 
horseback-riding, bare-chested enemy of gays and liberals does for 
people like you is somewhat of a mystery to me but then again I saw many 
Americans fall in love with Ronald Reagan who projected the same image.

I suppose a Lacanian psychoanalyst could explain all this or maybe even 
Krafft-Ebbing if he was still alive.

Yours truly, Louis Proyect

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