[Marxism] BREAKING NOW! NBC News is reported 1:38pm et Russians Moving Artillery, Ground Forces to Hama, Syria

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 14:50:13 MDT 2015

New from Linux Beach:

      Blue Monday: Will Russian bombs become Syria's new silent killers?

> *BREAKING NOW!* *NBC News* is reported 
> <http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/isis-terror/russians-moving-artillery-ground-forces-hama-syria-n438801> 
> 1:38pm et *Russians Moving Artillery, Ground Forces to Hama, Syria* 
> This is going far beyond air strikes!
> Of course, Russian bombs are incredibility noisy when they explode in 
> Syria. The question is: Will they be heard in the United States? I was 
> surprised when *CBS This Morning* made no mention of Syria or new 
> Russian actions there. I was hoping for reports of any new attacks 
> overnight and I know there had been attacks over the weekend this 
> weekday news show had never mentioned, so I expected at least a short 
> report. *Democracy Now *this morning opened with 
> <http://www.democracynow.org/2015/10/5/headlines#1052> the US strike 
> against the Kunduz Hospital that killed 22 and followed it up with two 
> stories about this and other US war crimes in Afghanistan, but it 
> mentioned no new Russian air attacks in Syria. It did say an air 
> strike killed a family of 5 and a rescue worker in /"northern Syria,"/ 
> which ain't too specific, and it was even less specific about who was 
> responsible for this war crime, saying only /"It is unclear who 
> carried out the airstrike."/ Like the CBS show, Democracy Now had the 
> weekend's news to summarize in its Monday brief.
> So these early US reports left me hopeful that Syrians had been spared 
> another day of playing Putin's new game of Russian roulette. But after 
> I checked my twitter feeds and Syrian sources, I found that had not 
> been the case and this raised fears that what is, more than ever, 
> looking likely to become the first holocaust of the 21st century, will 
> be carried out with the same media blackout as before even after 
> Patrick Cockburn's /"heavy hitter"/ 
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2015/10/patrick-cockburn-lets-welcome-russian.html> 
> has joined the killing spree.
> I find this very troubling and ominous. Generally, the US bourgeois 
> media can be depended upon to give wide publicity to the bad acts of a 
> major rival. Sometimes they will even make up false stories as part of 
> their propaganda effort, but when there is real news to report that 
> will put say, Russia, in a bad light, generally they will jump all 
> over it. Generally. When they don't, it is usually because they have 
> some other ulterior motive, and if they forgo the opportunity to 
> report that Russia is slaughter civilians in Syria it may mean that 
> they are giving silent consent to the Russian efforts. I find this a 
> very ominous development, both for Syrians and the world.
> So it would appear that once again, the task falls to bloggers like me 
> to try and keep you inform about events the bourgeois and /"Left"/ 
> media would rather keep hidden from you.This is what I've pulled 
> together this morning:


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