[Marxism] 8. Grace Lee Boggs, Advocate for Many Causes for 7 Decades, Dies at 100 (Louis Proyect)

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Tue Oct 6 09:42:32 MDT 2015

Grace Lee Boggs has passed away: remembering her links with Socialisme ou Barbarie.
François Dosse‘s, Castoriadis, une vie ( 2014) also discusses Grace Lee Boggs’ relations with Socialisme ou Barbarie.
She stayed for 6 months in Paris in 1948 
for the 2nd World Congress of the 4th International – as a 
representative of the Johnson-Forest tendency, .
During that period she met Castoriadis. 
He credited her with “lifting him out his European provincialism” and 
playing a decisive role in his intellectual development. (Pages 111 – 


Andrew Coates 

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