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Do others see a sea change in "anti-imperialist" attitude toward Syria now?
I can't tell if it's changing or I'm just around more people who are
against Assad.

- Amith

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> The already bloody conflict in Syria has now become more awkward,
> complicated and horrific. Since September 30th Russia has stepped up its
> intervention in Syria and has begun airstrikes, in what it claims are
> operations against the Islamic State (ISIS) and other forces of
> “International Terrorism”. In reality these bombings are more about
> embarrassing President Obama and bolstering the Assad regime whilst
> maintaining a Russian sphere of influence in the Middle East than fighting
> ISIS. For instance, there have been reports of bombings hitting US backed
> rebels as well as  hitting other non-ISIS rebel groups like Jaysh al-Fatah
> and Jabhat al-Nusra, whilst there has only been a few token strikes at ISIS
> held areas. This graphic better illustrates the point that most of the
> airstrikes on October 3rd were focused in the north-west of the country
> where the more moderate rebels are based,whilst almost none hit ISIS
> controlled area to the East of the country.
> There is a section of people who’s view of Russia’s intervention in Syria
> ranges from apathy to even support in some cases. They are the “anti
> imperialist” left. What I mean by “anti-imperialists” in quotes are those
> designated to be on the “radical left” (I’m being generous by calling them
> radicals) who claim to be against interventionism, imperialism and
> oppression but in fact are very inconsistent or confused in applying these
> principles. In other words if it’s The United States that’s doing the
> intervention then expect strong condemnations from these people but if it’s
> another power doing the intervention then you can’t always be certain you
> will hear anything at all.
> full:
> https://notanetwork2015.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/the-hypocrisy-of-anti-imperialist-support-of-russian-intervention-in-syria/
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