[Marxism] Dark Horse

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 7 09:21:54 MDT 2015

This morning I had the extraordinary good fortune to meet Cliff Curtis, 
the Maori actor who plays Genesis Potini in "Dark Horse", a film that 
opens on Dec. 11th in NYC.

I reviewed the film in conjunction with two other films about chess for 
CounterPunch a while back 

In real life Potini trained Maori children to compete in chess 
tournaments. Despite suffering from bipolar disorder, he made a major 
contribution to Maori society.

Curtis was not the typical actor. He had a tremendous grasp of the 
importance of the film as both art and message. He has been in many 
films over the years, including some that address Maori identity such as 
"Once Were Warriors" and "Whale Rider" that I reviewed 11 years ago.


I will be posting a reminder about "Dark Horse" when it is about to 
open. It is my pick for best narrative film of 2015.

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