[Marxism] From an ex-member of the SEP (WSWS.org)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 7 11:18:46 MDT 2015

This just turned up as a comment on my blog under my attack on them:

Speaking as a former member of the SEP, i can tell you i was never paid 
a single dime for any of my work. In fact, all members are expected to 
contribute articles as a spoken and unspoken condition of membership, 
which is why the wsws has so many contributors. The less you contribute 
to the site, the more doubt it will cast on your loyalty, even if you’ve 
been contributing in other less obvious ways, such as leafleting and 
talking to people at meetings. As for their original journalism, most 
interviews with workers are fabricated. Yes interviews get done and 
workers talked to, but I witnessed many times that quotes from workers 
were twisted to fit an agenda, even workers who came off hostile to the 
SEP ‘s program had words put in their mouth or quotes taken out of 
context to appear to support the party’s line. This began to irk me to a 
great extent while I was in the party, but I never vocalized the concern 
for fear of being expelled. I was later expelled and shunned anyway, 
with no real explanation. So I’m not afraid to make it public now just 
how disgusted I am with their tactics and actions. Also, yes they do rip 
off a lot of other original reporting and often outright refuse to cite 
sources at readers request. Their justification: “we are not a 
scientific journal” despite their claim to scientific socialism. So they 
admit their are a propaganda machine? Well good. The more they behave 
this way, the more they are discredited on a daily basis. Also, another 
reason the site is so will maintained and professional is that of course 
all members are expected to pay dues. I’m sure at least a small percent 
of that goes to maintaining their online media, but most probably goes 
into the pockets of David Green (North) and his closest acolytes. They 
also maintain a consistent line in all their articles because once a 
week an editorial board meets to assign topics and then all articles 
submitted are edited by the same 3 or 5 people. Let me know if you have 
any questions about the SEP’S other deranged and cultic practices and 
inner workings . Members are pressured into doing a lot of ineffective 
work that can lead to total disillusionment, and then of course the 
individual members are blamed for subjectivity when they express doubts 
or opposition to clearly cultic practices. Gaslighting all around. I 
take nothing they say seriously at all, no matter how well written.

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