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Thu Oct 8 06:22:58 MDT 2015

George Scialabba is no wild man. A soft-spoken, introverted soul, he 
doesn’t drink or smoke; no alcohol, tobacco, or recreational drugs. 
Healthy, moderate eating (no red meat, and "a kind of cerebral 
Mediterranean diet") keeps Scialabba, at age 67, lean to a degree that 
is downright un-American. He has never married nor fathered children, 
and lives alone in a one-bedroom condo he has occupied since 1980. He 
doesn’t play sports ("I don’t exercise — I fidget"). For 35 years, 
Scialabba, a Harvard College alumnus, held a low-level clerical job at 
his alma mater that suited his low-profile style. For the past decade, 
his desk has occupied a windowless basement in a large academic building.

That’s the physical Scialabba: a bespectacled reed who could slip into 
any cocktail party nearly unnoticed.

The intellectual Scialabba is another story. Over those same 35 years, 
he has written nearly 400 essays and book reviews for The American 
Conservative, The Boston Globe, Commonweal, Dissent, Grand Street, The 
Nation, The Village Voice, The Washington Post, and many other outlets. 
His acuity, erudition, and polished prose have earned him thousands of 
readers and the admiration of some of the country’s leading minds.

full: http://chronicle.com/article/A-Critic-s-Critic-Quits-His/233675/

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