[Marxism] Outlook on Portuguese General Elections

Ricardo Salabert ricardo.salabert at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 08:31:25 MDT 2015

The right-wing coalition ruling the country under austerity policies has
won the elections, despite loosing parliamentary majority.
Here's an interesting outlook on this came to be and the parliament's new
composition, when there are still 4 MP to allocate.


Five days after the election, there is still no government.
Although the Constitution states the President should listen to all
parliamentary forces before appointing the PM, the President (who missed
the Republic's 105th anniversary celebrations on Monday) has only received
the winning coalition, appointing its leader, Pedro Passos Coelho, to form
Meanwhile, the Socialist Party has met with the Communist party with both
stating there's ground for a parliamentary understanding.
The Socialists have met with the right-wing coalition in a "disappointing
meeting", as described by their Secretary-general, Antonio Costa.
On Monday, the Socialist Party is scheduled to meet the Left Bloc.
The main questions today are:
Will the Socialist Party manage to join forces with the "radical left" (in
their words, during the electoral campaign)?
If so, will the President appoint Antonio Costa as the new PM or will he
insist on a right-wing government with no parliamentary support?

All the best,
Ricardo Salabert

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