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Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 11 11:50:06 MDT 2015

I received this from a friend, apparently a Google translation from another language.  I have included a sample at the bottom, so someone can identify the language.
					ken h

Dear President Putin,

As members of the global community we are based will in reality like
to express our appreciation and our support for the decision by the
Russian Federation to provide humanitarian and military assistance to
Syria, its forces and its democratically elected leader, President
Bashar al-Assad their fight against international terrorists assisted
by the US
Launching air strikes against ISIL terrorists in Syria comes at a
critical moment, one just like the decisive role of Russia in
preventing a Western military intervention in 2013. With your voice of
reason and strength for justice express Syrians, Russians and all
people of conscience all over the world you thanks and support.
Since 2011, Western leaders are determined to turn Syria into a failed
state. They have gone so far in providing financing, training and
weaponry on foreign mercenaries to carry out a brutal campaign of
terror against the Syrian people and their legitimate regering.2 these
terrorist forces and religious fanatics do not represent the will of
the Syrian people, the majority of president Assad supports. As you
said in your speech to the United Nations General Assembly is up to
the Syrian people and only the Syrian people to decide who should lead
In 2013, when the West was preparing to launch a military campaign
against Syria from Russia intervened and ensured a peaceful,
diplomatic solution. In a sane world, this would be a natural response
to international problems and Russia would not walk alone.
Unfortunately, the West continues its blind policy for the support of
violence, coercion and unlawful intervention in the affairs of
sovereign nations.
While the West insists on destabilization, war and chaos, Russia is
steadfast in its commitment to dialogue, cooperation and international
law. Your response to the crisis in Syria that gives exactly.
As you know, President Assad has shown that he is an intelligent and
brave man and good will. And like most public figures who possess such
qualities, he is mercilessly slandered and vilified by Western
governments and media. One example is the Houla massacre in May 2012
that 108 Syrians, including 49 children, were killed. The Syrian army
was blamed for the atrocity but was later revealed that the massacre
was committed by forces affiliated with the US-backed "Free Syrian
Army" (VSL) and that the victims supporters of the Syrian government
waren.3 Later in 2012 was being beaten how the VSL kidnapped citizens
and non-duty soldiers vermoordden.4
This is the 'moderate opposition group who support Western government
officials in their illegal aggression against Mr Assad, and Russia is
now accused of directing air attacks on them. These and other facts
clearly show that the US government and its allies only declare that
they are fighting terror while they create in fact directly and
support in a futile attempt to secure US global hegemony. They do this
without the support of the United Nations and without the support of
the legitimate governments of the countries they attack.
The second Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold,
John F. Kennedy regarded as the greatest statesman of his time, noted
decide the issues on which not only the UN was confronted with it, but
the world in general. In 1958 he wrote:
"The fight against the different approaches to the freedom of man and
mind, or between different views on human dignity and the right of the
individual is constantly.The dividing line runs through ourselves, our
peoples and also by other countries. It does not coincide with what
political or geographical boundaries whatsoever. The ultimate battle
is between a man and among human beings. We are on dangerous ground if
we believe that every individual, every nation and every ideology have
a monopoly on the right, freedom and human dignity. "5
We are skating on thin ice. The US self-proclaimed monopoly of
correctness, freedom and human dignity has led to inaccuracy,
oppression and suffering on a large scale.Western mentality as shown
in Libya and Syria is truly onmenselijk6 - psychopathisch7 - which the
basest aspects of human nature omarmt.8
Of course, the lower man is reflected in the results of the US policy
in Ukraine and Syria. In Ukraine, neo-Nazis Members of parliament and
forming battalions of men, women and children in the Donbas torture
and murder with the approval of the government in Kiev. In Syria led
Western policy of destruction and support for terrorism in ISIL and
other terrorist groups whose methods are publicly condemned but
secretly supported by Western leiders.9 This is not the vision that
humanity desperate will embrace. This is not the vision we are
As long as world leaders continue to submit to the will of political
psychopaths humanity will never be a world of peace vervaardigen.10 We
pray that more people will follow your example by speaking the truth
to power, by resolutely to act out their beliefs and refuse to be
controlled by fear and ignorance. We hope that by providing this we
might all do our part to bring about a real multipolar world free from
the destructive influence of fanatics and psychopaths and the
poisonous political structures that make peace impossible.
Yours sincerely,\
Catherine Chabry - France
Marta Pytka-Kwade - Poland
Ivan Sinčić - Croatia
Marjon Beukering - Netherlands
Олег Бессонов - Russia
Pierre OLMETA - France
Alexandr Kuznetsov - Russia
Claude Termignon - France
Vũ Anh Lê - Vietnam
frederic dhennin - France
Аnna Kuzina - Russia
Fedor Nikolaev - Russia
Андрей Ковтунов - Russia
Gian Paolo Renello - Italy
Tin Tin Phạm - Vietnam
Didier JANSCH - France
Sergey OKUNEV - Spain
Svetlana Makeicheva - Russia
Sofiane El oijdi - France
Antun Buzov - Croatia
Dmitry Gluhih - Russia
Марина Гагацева - Ukraine
Adrian Kopczyński - Poland
Jean Claude Scaletta - France
Tatyana Drobisheva - Belarus

Geachte president Poetin,

Als leden van de wereldgemeenschap die gebaseerd is op realiteit
willen we graag onze waardering en onze steun betuigen inzake het

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