[Marxism] Argentina: ‘Scioli’s bid reveals the failure of Kirchnerism’ interview with Nicolas del Caño (Left and Workers' Front) in Buenos Aires Herald

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Mon Oct 12 09:23:01 MDT 2015


‘Scioli’s bid reveals the failure of Kirchnerism’

*Workers’ Leftist Front (FIT) presidential runner Nicolás del Caño talks to
the Herald*

Nicolás del Caño is the candidate of the Workers’ Leftist Front (FIT) for
the October 25 presidential elections. In August, the 35-year-old Socialist
Workers’ Party (PTS) candidate managed to defeat his internal rival,
historic Workers’ Party (PO) leader Jorge Altamira.

The FIT — created in 2011 — is now seeking to improve on the 3.41 percent
of the vote mustered in the primaries, a commendable percentage for a
Trotskyist front in Argentina, and will try to snatch the fourth place from
Progressives candidate Margarita Stolbizer. Del Caño talked about the
challenges that the front faces with the Herald in his office in the
Congress last week.

Full interview:

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