[Marxism] Your article on how Syria became "balkanized"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 12 16:28:17 MDT 2015

Dr. Harrington,

I read your article in today's CounterPunch with morbid fascination. It 
encapsulates everything I find problematic in the conspiracy-minded 
Baathist amen corner that explains that everything that has happened in 
Syria as a result of CIA plots, the Mossad or--god knows--maybe the 
Freemasons if you read Lyndon Larouche.

You cite a 1982 article by an Israeli journalist named Oded Yinon who 
had been a member of the Likud Party and who argued that the Arab 
nations surrounding Israel had to go through a dissolution along tribal 
and religions lines in order to weaken its enemies. You go on to write 
that this article was supposedly echoed in a neocon policy paper from 
1996 written by Richard Perle and others.

So where is the dotted line between these policy papers and Syria's 
current situation? Did the CIA organize the protests in March 2011 that 
were fired upon by Assad's snipers? I know some crackpots around the 
Baathist amen corner believe that the snipers were actually agent 
provocateurs working for the Mossad or the CIA.

Have you ever read Leon Trotsky? You really need to find some time in 
your busy schedule teaching Iberian studies to read his marvelous 
history of the 1905 uprising, a dress rehearsal for the socialist 
revolution of 1917, in particular the chapter that deals with the 
protests led by Father Gapon. 

Like poor people everywhere in history, they rise up when they get sick 
of the torture, corruption, police spies, hunger, and hopelessness that 
marked the reign of Czar Nicholas and the Baathist family dynasty.

All in all, it is quite remarkable that someone who views himself on the 
left as surely you must can be capable of writing propaganda for such a 

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