[Marxism] Excellent new book on Israel by Jeff Halper

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 18:24:44 MDT 2015

>From a review by veteran Israeli marxist Moshe Machover:

Jeff Halper’s new book is a must-read, a major contribution to the subject.
I cannot recommend it too highly.

It is a devastatingly effective antidote to the silly ‘Israeli tail wags
American dog’ (Itwad) theories, according to which the US slavishly
supports and protects Israel, although this damages true American ‘national
interests’. Such theories have been put forward not only by bourgeois
political ‘scientists’, but very regrettably also by some would-be
leftists. This apparently masochistic US behaviour is explained by the
influence of the Jewish and fundamentalist Christian pro-Israel lobby, or –
more crudely – by the influence of Jewish plutocrats. This explanation, of
course, begs the question as to why the really dominant section of the US
ruling class does little to counteract the influence of the said lobby.

I have argued against the Itwad theory, pointing out that Israel, far from
acting globally ‘against US interests’, is in fact a great asset to US
imperialism. . .

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