[Marxism] Where are the anti-war protesters now?

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      Where are the anti-war protesters now?

> Russia’s recent military intervention in Syria doesn’t seem to 
> have provoked the same reaction worldwide as the one the US faced 
> <http://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2013/aug/31/syria-us-air-strikes-protests-in-pictures> 
> against Assad in retaliation to the chemical gas attacks in Syria in 
> August 2013. While the demonstration against the US airstrikes brought 
> together the left and the right in major world cities, Russia’s 
> intervention hasn’t prompted a strong reaction even from those who 
> are considered ‘friends of Syria.’ This is not the first time that 
> the reactions of anti-war coalitions and peace movements differ on the 
> Syrian conflict, based on the actors calling for them. Iranian support 
> to the Assad regime, for instance, with armed militias, weaponry, 
> money, military experts, etc., has also gone unnoticed.
> This selective approach by anti-war movements to foreign military 
> interventions raises many questions about what they consider a war to 
> be. Should we consider all military interventions bad? Does the 
> actor’s identity matter more than the action itself? Can we be 
> selective about acting upon our principles? When is it acceptable to 
> favor someone’s interests over the miseries of others? 
Also, the list of signers to our statement of opposition to Russian, and 
all military attacks on Syria, is growing by the hour. Will you join with:

*Bill Fletcher, Jr*. (Writer/Activist, Former President, TransAfrica Forum)
*Yassin al Haj Saleh* (Syrian Writer Living in Exile, Istanbul)
*Hussam Ayloush* (National Chair, Syrian American Council)
*Juan Cole* (Professor of History, University of Michigan & Blogger, 
Informed Comment, USA)
*Robin 'Roblimo' Miler* (IT/Science Reporter and Editor)
*Louis Proyect* (Writer, CounterPunch film co-editor, New York City)
*Robin Yassin-Kassab* (Writer, Scotland)
*Rt. Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman, MP* (longest serving MP in the House of 
Commons, UK)
*Muhammad Idrees Ahmad* (University of Stirling, Scotland)
*Danny Postel* (Center for Middle East Studies, University of Denver)
*Thomas Pierret* (Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
myself and over a hundred others in saying:

      "Hands Off Syria" Applies to Russia Too

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