[Marxism] Vietnam's reaction [Linux Beach] Where are the anti-war protesters now?

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Wed Oct 14 12:41:08 MDT 2015

FYI: After I took *Vietnam: American Holocaust* to Vietnam in 2009, got 
it shown on VTV4, <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAYMVVxKrxw>won the 
support of Vu Xuan Hong <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfvRhTxbszc>, 
Member of the National Assembly of the S.R. Vietnam and President of the 
Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, and was the guest of honor at 
a banquet hosted by Tran Dac Loi [ Deputy Head of the Party Central 
Committee's Commission for External Relations] Who suggested I do a doc 
on Vo Nguyen Giap, after what was then my then current project Vietnam: 
People's Victory, and promised me special access in completing those 
projects. I was planning a Vietnam Trilogy with the Giap bio as the 3rd 
part before the Arab Spring broke out and caused a change in plans.  Bui 
Van Nghi has been my appointed contact point to both party and state 
since then. As Giap's health was failing, he tried to arrange a return 
trip to interview him, but that never happen. However I was promised 
special access to their archives and have already gotten materials and 
permissions to use from him.

Oh, well.

me & Loi
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Dear Clay

As they know that the US policy created  IS and migration crisis.

The US just droped some dozens of tons of weapon to 'so-called" moderate 
rebellian in Syria. Do you know  they are moderate or they are or will 
be IS men.

US want to put burden on EU and Russia and then enjoy the fruit!!!  The 
USpolicy always think about itself first, cause manageable "chaotic 
situation" to enjoy the interests/profist and then sell weapons to both 
sides. the nature never change.

RUSSIA is a real peace-keeper and friends of Middle East now!

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