[Marxism] Time to recall that the enemy is at home

Lüko Willms marxmail at lws-media.de
Wed Oct 14 23:02:25 MDT 2015

Since it has become a sport on this mailing list to pinpoint people and powers which "join the axis of resistance", i.e. do not submit themselves to the imperialist politics of the world dictatorship exercised from Washington, it has to be recalled that the revolutionary workers movement has always held hight the simple truth, that our enemy is at home, is "our" own government and its policies. 

Look up Karl Liebknecht on this topic, 
> https://www.marxists.org/archive/liebknecht-k/works/1915/05/main-enemy-home.htm 

>  The main enemy of every people is in their own country!
> The main enemy of the German people is in Germany: German
> imperialism, the German war party, German secret diplomacy. This
> enemy at home must be fought by the German people in a political
> struggle, cooperating with the proletariat of other countries whose
> struggle is against their own imperialists.
> We think as one with the German people – we have nothing in common
> with the German Tirpitzes and Falkenhayns, with the German
> government of political oppression and social enslavement. Nothing
> for them, everything for the German people. Everything for the
> international proletariat, for the sake of the German proletariat and downtrodden humanity.
> The enemies of the working class are counting on the forgetfulness
> of the masses – provide that that be a grave miscalculation. They
> are betting on the forbearance of the masses – but we raise the vehement cry:
> How long should the gamblers of imperialism abuse the patience of
> the people? Enough and more than enough slaughter! Down with the war instigators here and abroad!

and consider also Lenin's 1916 short article on "German and non-German chauvinism", 
> https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1916/may/31.htm 
of which I allow myself to quote some paragraphs 

>  One of the characteristics of German chauvinism is that
> “socialists” -- socialists in quotation marks -- talk about the
> independence of nations, except those which are oppressed by their
> own nation. It does not make much difference whether so directly, or
> whether they defend, justify and shield those who say it.
> The German chauvinists (who include Parvus, the publisher of a
> little magazine, called Die Glocke, among whose contributors are
> Lensch, Haenisch, Grunwald all the rest of the crew of “socialist”
> lackeys of German imperialist bourgeoisie) speak at great length and
> very eagerly, for example, about the independence for the peoples
> oppressed by Britain. It is not only the social-chauvinists of
> Germany, i.e., socialists in words, chauvinists in deeds, but the
> whole bourgeoisie press of Germany that is trumpeting with all its
> might about the shameful, brutal and reactionary, etc., fashion in
> which Britain rules her colonies. The German papers write about the
> liberation movement in India with great gusto, malicious glee, delight and rapture.
> It is easy to see why the German Bourgeoisie is full of malicious
> joy: it hope to improve its military position by fanning the
> discontent in the anti-British movement India. These hopes are
> silly, of course, because it is simply impossible seriously to
> entertaining the influencing the life of a multi-million people, and
> a very peculiar people at that, from outside, from afar in a foreign
> language, particular when the influence is not systematic, but
> casual, only for the duration of the war. Rather than the desire to
> influence India the efforts of the German imperialist bourgeoisie
> are more of an attempt at self-consolation, more of a desire to fool
> the German people and to divert their attention from home to foreign parts.
> But this general, theoretical question automatically arises: What
> is at the root of the falsehood of such arguments; how can the
> hypocrisy of the German imperialists be exposed without unerring
> certainty? The correct theoretical answer pointing to the root of
> falsehood always serves as a means of exposing the hypocrites who,
> for reasons all too obvious, are inclined to cover up their
> falsehood, to obscure it, to clothe it in flowery phrases, all sorts
> of phrases, phrases about everything in the world, even about
> internationalism. Even the Lensches, Südekums and Scheidmanns, all
> these agents of the German bourgeoisie, who, unfortunately, belong
> to the so-called “Social-Democratic” Party of Germany, insist that
> they are internationalists. Men must not be judged by their words,
> however, but by their deeds. This is a home truth. Will anyone in
> Russia judge Potresov, Levitsky, Bulkin and Co. by their words? Of course, not.
> The falsehood of the German chauvinists has its roots in their
> shouting their sympathy for the independence of the peoples
> oppressed by Britain, their enemy in the war, and modestly,
> sometimes much too modestly, keeping silent about the independence
> of the peoples oppressed by their own nation. 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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