[Marxism] Nauru: the horrific war on refugee women

John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Thu Oct 15 04:11:35 MDT 2015

Nauru: the horrific war on refugee women

With news coming through that Australia's Immigration Minister Peter 
Dutton today said that 'the federal government would not be 
"blackmailed" into allowing pregnant asylum seekers at Nauru's detention 
centre into Australia for medical treatment', I revisited Ian Rintoul's 
article on the war on refugee women on Nauru. Writing a week ago in the 
magazine of the revolutionary socialist organisation Solidarity, Ian 
says, among other things:

'The shocking ABC 7.30 story highlighted just two rapes of Somali women. 
There are many more. Women freed to live in the community are now the 
victims of a reign of terror supported by the policies of the Australian 
and Nauruan governments. There were serious illusions that new Prime 
Minister Malcolm Turnbull would at least modify offshore processing—but 
the gloss is quickly wearing off... Nauru is not even a gilded cage—it 
is a house of horrors. Both Manus and Nauru must be closed.'

To read the whole article click here. 

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