[Marxism] Time to recall that the enemy is at home

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HI tony. 

 We in ImperialQuagmire at yahoogroups.com are the largest English language discussion list focused on Palestine, but welcoming to anyne working on other anti-imperial fronts.

UNQUALIFIED support for the right of return is required for membership; this principle keeps us free from the typical 'liberal' zionist monitors you find in control nearly everywhere else. We are half Arab out of 420 currently.

Please let me know if you/friends/colleagues would like to join a serous network!

  In friendship and solidarity,
   Mark Richey

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>     > Look up Karl Liebknecht on this topic,
>     > >
>     >https://www.marxists.org/archive/liebknecht-k/works/1915/05/main-enemy-home.htm
>     >
>     > > The main enemy of every people is in their own country!
>     >
>Clay writes in reply:
>     >Does that apply to the people of Libya and Syria too, or were they
>    expected
>     >to put up with fascist dictatorships in the interest of "The
>    Resistance?"
>     >I don't think anybody is arguing that US imperialism isn't our
>    main enemy.
>     >We're just internationalist who believe we should support the
>    Libyan and
>     >Syrian people in their struggles against their main enemies.
>     >That's what I mean by,
>     >In Solidarity,
>     >Cla 
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