[Marxism] Time to recall that the enemy is at home

Anthony Hartin anthony.hartin at desy.de
Thu Oct 15 07:35:33 MDT 2015

Just to state my position, I think its clear that Syrians were inspired 
by the Arab Spring and took to the streets for progressive reasons. Its 
equally clear that the State reacted repressively and that in the end 
protestors were justified in taking up arms. However over the 
intervening years the waters have become less clear. It doesnt help 
Russia's case that they have taken up the methods and media campaign of 
the US - circa 2003. If Russia and the US manage to smash up each 
other's proxy armies, perhaps there would be a small space for 
progressive forces to re-emerge. However I think things are too far gone 
for that now

On 10/15/15 8:25 AM, Mark Richey via Marxism wrote:

 >But whether or not there ever was such an unarmed, 'spontaneous'
 >civilian opposition, , hey, it's LONG gone at this point. The FSA,
 >according to Franklin Lamb, who has spent a lot of time in Syria and
 >speaks the language, is mostly viewed now by Syrians as agents of

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