[Marxism] Time to recall that the enemy is at home

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Thu Oct 15 07:48:53 MDT 2015

Once again, if comrades are not reading syriafreedomforever.wordpress.com
they have no business venturing opinions on the state of the non-Assad,
non-Daesh, non-JAN grassroots in Syria.
Peaceful demonstrations against all reactionaries - including most recently
against Russian aggression - are STILL happening, and never stopped, no
matter how small in scale.
And these are the people who will be massacred should the anticipated
Russia/Iran/Hezbollah/regime attack on Aleppo occur.
THEY NEED OUR SOLIDARITY, the first step in which is acknowledging their
existence and telling the world about them.
As a first step, everyone on this list who is on Facebook or twitter should
post links to Kafranbel banners from this month.

On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 1:02 AM, Lüko Willms <marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu>

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> Since it has become a sport on this mailing list to pinpoint people and
> powers which "join the axis of resistance", i.e. do not submit themselves
> to the imperialist politics of the world dictatorship exercised from
> Washington, it has to be recalled that the revolutionary workers movement
> has always held hight the simple truth, that our enemy is at home, is "our"
> own government and its policies.
> Look up Karl Liebknecht on this topic,
> >
> https://www.marxists.org/archive/liebknecht-k/works/1915/05/main-enemy-home.htm
> >  The main enemy of every people is in their own country!
> >
> > The main enemy of the German people is in Germany: German
> > imperialism, the German war party, German secret diplomacy. This
> > enemy at home must be fought by the German people in a political
> > struggle, cooperating with the proletariat of other countries whose
> > struggle is against their own imperialists.
> >
> > We think as one with the German people – we have nothing in common
> > with the German Tirpitzes and Falkenhayns, with the German
> > government of political oppression and social enslavement. Nothing
> > for them, everything for the German people. Everything for the
> > international proletariat, for the sake of the German proletariat and
> downtrodden humanity.
> >
> > The enemies of the working class are counting on the forgetfulness
> > of the masses – provide that that be a grave miscalculation. They
> > are betting on the forbearance of the masses – but we raise the vehement
> cry:
> >
> > How long should the gamblers of imperialism abuse the patience of
> > the people? Enough and more than enough slaughter! Down with the war
> instigators here and abroad!
> and consider also Lenin's 1916 short article on "German and non-German
> chauvinism",
> > https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1916/may/31.htm
> of which I allow myself to quote some paragraphs
> >  One of the characteristics of German chauvinism is that
> > “socialists” -- socialists in quotation marks -- talk about the
> > independence of nations, except those which are oppressed by their
> > own nation. It does not make much difference whether so directly, or
> > whether they defend, justify and shield those who say it.
> >
> > The German chauvinists (who include Parvus, the publisher of a
> > little magazine, called Die Glocke, among whose contributors are
> > Lensch, Haenisch, Grunwald all the rest of the crew of “socialist”
> > lackeys of German imperialist bourgeoisie) speak at great length and
> > very eagerly, for example, about the independence for the peoples
> > oppressed by Britain. It is not only the social-chauvinists of
> > Germany, i.e., socialists in words, chauvinists in deeds, but the
> > whole bourgeoisie press of Germany that is trumpeting with all its
> > might about the shameful, brutal and reactionary, etc., fashion in
> > which Britain rules her colonies. The German papers write about the
> > liberation movement in India with great gusto, malicious glee, delight
> and rapture.
> >
> > It is easy to see why the German Bourgeoisie is full of malicious
> > joy: it hope to improve its military position by fanning the
> > discontent in the anti-British movement India. These hopes are
> > silly, of course, because it is simply impossible seriously to
> > entertaining the influencing the life of a multi-million people, and
> > a very peculiar people at that, from outside, from afar in a foreign
> > language, particular when the influence is not systematic, but
> > casual, only for the duration of the war. Rather than the desire to
> > influence India the efforts of the German imperialist bourgeoisie
> > are more of an attempt at self-consolation, more of a desire to fool
> > the German people and to divert their attention from home to foreign
> parts.
> >
> > But this general, theoretical question automatically arises: What
> > is at the root of the falsehood of such arguments; how can the
> > hypocrisy of the German imperialists be exposed without unerring
> > certainty? The correct theoretical answer pointing to the root of
> > falsehood always serves as a means of exposing the hypocrites who,
> > for reasons all too obvious, are inclined to cover up their
> > falsehood, to obscure it, to clothe it in flowery phrases, all sorts
> > of phrases, phrases about everything in the world, even about
> > internationalism. Even the Lensches, Südekums and Scheidmanns, all
> > these agents of the German bourgeoisie, who, unfortunately, belong
> > to the so-called “Social-Democratic” Party of Germany, insist that
> > they are internationalists. Men must not be judged by their words,
> > however, but by their deeds. This is a home truth. Will anyone in
> > Russia judge Potresov, Levitsky, Bulkin and Co. by their words? Of
> course, not.
> >
> > The falsehood of the German chauvinists has its roots in their
> > shouting their sympathy for the independence of the peoples
> > oppressed by Britain, their enemy in the war, and modestly,
> > sometimes much too modestly, keeping silent about the independence
> > of the peoples oppressed by their own nation.
> Cheers,
> Lüko Willms
> Frankfurt/Main, Germany
> http://www.mlwerke.de
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