[Marxism] Time to recall that the enemy is at home

Mark Richey markrichey at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 16 00:09:51 MDT 2015

What about the absence of any proof of a real mass mobiliazation against Assaad that wasn't almost immediately co-opted by armed foreign mercenaries, together with opportunist elements of the Assad regime itself, who though he would quickly go the way of Khadafy and opted to get on what they thought would quickly be the 'winning side'?

People rant about a fantasy of mass popular protest, but if that ever existed, it has long been superseded by massive foreign intervention and jihadist fanaticism

There is no evidence that these defectors from Assad's army represent the protest of the Syrian masses, is there?  They just want an Assad regime with a different family in charge. Exactly like the warlords now competing to take over what is left of Libya.  There isn't a whiff of anything progressive about any of these opportunists.

The jury is out on whether they are on the winning side, but they were certainly wrong about the 'quickly' part.

As far as massacres are concerend, a jihadist vitory would mean massive pogroms against ethnic and religious minorities.  The jihadists don't conceal this fact!  They in fact brag about it!   How can you avoid mentioning that little fact?

 Why do you think so many from these minorities have fled the country, after initially fleeing from areas the jihadists took over?

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