[Marxism] Time to recall that the enemy is at home

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 03:54:12 MDT 2015

Frankly, this entire discussion has certain qualities of delirium. 
Anyone would think the US was trying to bring down the Assad regime or 
something. Maybe before September 2013 the "anti-imperialists" may have 
had some justification for their illusions about this occurring sometime 
in the future, and thus it may have made some sense for them to go 
around saying things like "the enemy is at home." But how long does it 
take them to adjust to new realities (well, not so new in fact, but at 
least in style). After warning for years about US intervention in Syria, 
they still haven't noticed that the US has been bombing Syria for over a 
year and has bombed pretty much every group EXCEPT the Assad regime; has 
launched joint bombing attacks on towns and cities together with the 
Assad regime; shares intelligence with the Assad regime etc: Here, read 
this, and while doing so, remember one thing: the enemy is at home:

Who has the US bombed for in Syria? 

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