[Marxism] Syrian Coalition: Assad Squandered Syria’s Sovereignty to Israeli, Russian and Iranian Aggressors

Mark Richey markrichey at earthlink.net
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Allowing transit  is a far different thing than BRINGING the jihadists to Syria, and Assad's alowing transit was secndary to the US sponsorship of jihadist networks deriving from the US campaign in Afghanistan.  Together with Saudi sponsorship.  Assad just played along.  

Interesting that Karadjis doesn't claim the Saudis are squandering their sovereignty to jihadists, sinc the Saudis are the orgin of many of them, and much of their financial support.  No, it is only Assad that is respnsible,smehow, for his own enemies, al Nusra and ISIS, etc.,

Very twisted way of looking at the region, blaming all the evils on Assad as if the CIA had not openly been spnsoring the jihadists throught the region on a massive scale.  However it is dressed up in 'marxist' phraseoogy, this is pure propaganda, and sounds much like what Obama and the Pentagon prate about Syria. 

And what pray tell does this have to do with Iranians, Israel, etc.  as Karadjis claimed with no documentation? 

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>Karadjis provides no  documentation that Assad brought the jihadists from more than 50 countries who have laid waste to much of Syria.  It would be very very difficult to document such a patently false proposition.
>I believe we all know it was the CIA who trained thousands of them, armed and funded them, since VERY early.  The CIA camaps in Jordan are no secret.   Do I need to document that? 
>nd wasn't it already a breeding ground for terrorists before the Iranians or HIzbollah showed up?  EVer hear of ISIS, al Nusra, etc.?  I'm pretty sure Assad didnt bring them to Syria.. I don't believe I have to document that, it's pretty much a fact recognized by everyone.
>The Russians are very recent arrivals here.
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