[Marxism] Jew baiting (was: Time to recall that the enemy is at home)

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 19 05:10:23 MDT 2015

At 14:18 19-10-15 +0800, Mark Richey via Marxism wrote:
>What I can document

For starters, we don't want to hear claims of what someone "can document."
Someone who wants to make an argument just sends the documentation, period.
When the most you can say is that you "can document" something, it's
usually because you can't. Likewise when "everyone knows" some fact (e.g.
about Syria) it usually means no one actually knows it.

But getting to the point:

> is that 'solidarity' activists anywhere in the US are overwhelmingly 
>liberal zionist, Jewish cliquists, 

In any political discussion, identifying ethnicity/religion of participants
when there is no sociological relevance is properly frowned up. Much more
serious however are such reference in relationship to activists who you are
in discussion with, even indirectly. The discussion on this list has to
center on the ideas being expressed, not on who's expressing them, and
absolutely not on unrelated factors about those individuals, most of all
factors that have been associated with discrimination or oppression. 

It is particularly egregious when such a reference conjures up racist myths
about "Jewish domination" or conspiracies, as these are lies that are
associated with past genocide. Labelling any activists who work in the
interests of Palestine "Zionist" is a particularly vicious and disruptive
charge since it's the same as saying that they are on the side of the enemy
(just like a false charge of someone being an informer). I have never seen
a phrase such as "liberal zionist, Jewish cliquists" thrown around on this
list (or in any acceptable discussion) and absolutely do not expect to see
it again.

I imagine the only reason the moderator has allowed this person to get this
far, is that because his contributions to the discussion are so disgusting
that they actually benefit the other side. And that his statements are so
easy to counter. But frankly if Louis would like to have a discussion about
Syria with the pro-Assad left, I'd really prefer if it was with Brian
Becker or Franklin Lamb, so that the victory of his argumentation would
mean something.

I have seen no evidence that this person has anything useful to contribute
to this list or has any intention of discussing ideas in good faith. And
the use of ethnic references of the sort I mentioned is completely
unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated in the least.

- Jeff 

such as MECA, JVP, IJAN, etc. Such is the 
>case in the Bay Area where most are in the wake of Barbara Lubin, the alter 
>ego of MECA, essentially a two Jewish woman operation, but which people like 
>AR parrot mindlessly.  After all, they're Jewish, they must be
>Set your options at:

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