[Marxism] Jew baiting (was: Time to recall that the enemy is athome)

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 19 05:45:49 MDT 2015

At 07:29 19-10-15 -0400, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
>But I think Mark Richey's comments are crude and and unsophisticated 

Well I don't think "unsophisticated" applies in this case. When an ordinary
Palestinian (for instance) says that they "don't like Jews," I would call
his statement "unsophisticated." It's rather forgivable given that the only
times he sees "Jews" is with their guns pointed at him, or driving between
settlements on a road they aren't allowed to use. That has nothing to do
with antisemitism and can be excused as an "unsophisticated" statement by
an unsophisticated individual in an intolerable circumstance.

By all accounts Mark Richey has been around for decades and is surely
sophisticated. He surely knows exactly what he's saying and the entire
historical context within which his remarks will be interpreted. His
statements are inexcusable. I don't call for or expect an apology from him
because I'm sure he knows exactly what he is doing. The rest of us can only

- Jeff

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