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in contrast, tonight's event with Patrick Bond, foremost BRICS critic:

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> http://www.socialistproject.ca/leftstreamed/ls279.php
> Geopolitical conflict produced by NATO expansion is a product of an
> economic and social process taking place in Europe. In fact, it is the
> logic of the neoliberal model that stimulates NATO expansionism. This is
> very similar to what we saw in the late nineteenth century with the new
> wave of colonialism produced by the so-called Late Victorian Depression: to
> stabilize the system without changing it.
> The dream of Russian elites is to have good relations with the West. The
> elite's money is in the West, their children are at Oxford and Harvard,
> their property is in Switzerland and England. They are ready to make almost
> any concession that will not destabilize Russia itself. But the West is not
> accepting these offers. Ruling circles in the EU prefer to speak of a
> Russian threat instead of cooperation with Russia. This is all complicating
> the wider geopolitical setting around the Black Sea, in the conflicts in
> Syria and the Middle east and in Russia's relations with China and East
> Asia. These are all crucial issues for understanding the new political
> divisions between west and east shaping global politics.
> Moderated by Judy Deutsch. Presentations by:
> Boris Kagarlitsky is Coordinator of the Transnational Institute Global
> Crisis Project and Director of the Institute of Globalization and Social
> Movements (IGSO) in Moscow. [Also see Kagarlitsky's presentation in April
> 2008.]
> Sergei M. Plekhanov is Associate Professor of Political Science at York
> University and a former Deputy Director of the Institute for U.S. and
> Canadian Studies in Russia.
> Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, Canada
> Research Chair in Comparative Politics - York University.
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