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Mummar Gaddafi use to have rallies in Green Square with well over a million
supporters until I made him stop.

That may be a bit of hyperbole. These are the facts: Qaddafi claimed 3
rallies in Green Sq. on June 17, July 1 & 8 2011 at which he claimed he had
1.7 million supporters. After I published  Tripoli Green Square Reality
on July 19th showing there was no way Green Sq could hold that many people,
and it was widely circulated by the Libyan Youth Movement among others,
Gaddafi never made that claim again. I consider it one of my most
significant contributions to their revolution.

Naturally, all the "anti-imperialists" were promoting these rallies as
proof of Gaddafi's popular support. I write in that:

Now others reporting
> <https://www.blogger.com/2011/07/qaddafi-million-man-march_843.html> on
> these pro-Qaddafi protests have estimated much lower numbers for these
> crowds, in the range of 10,000 to 30,000. It has also been said that the
> majority of those in attendance had some relation to Qaddafi security
> forces, approximately 10% of the Libya population has such an association.
> It threatened
> <https://www.blogger.com/2011/07/behind-green-curtain-libya-today_1981.html>
> if they failed to show up.

2 selections from my

posted to the Free Generation Movement facebook page
this morning, July 18, 2011 at 6:17am

Today, at a queue for bread in Janzour, I witnessed the following.

Production was slow and the queue was getting longer. The owner of the
bread store came out, apologised and told those waiting that due to fuel
shortage his machines were working at 50%. He urged people to just buy
bread for ¼ dinar and then come back later for more. He said there was also
a flour shortage so urged, again, for people to be economical.

One women shouted *“it’s not your flour, its Moamers flour, who are you to
ration it?”*

The people in the queue were visibly angered by this comment and one man
shouted *“and do you think your moamer carry the flour here on his back?”*

She fell silent but immediately made a phone call.

Minutes later people whispered in the man’s ear to leave as she is a well
known revolutionary committee member and loud mouth. He disappeared into
the side streets moments before uncountable security trucks turned up with
armed men.

The men demanded that the shop owner tell them who the *“traitor”* was. The
shop owner said that he was just a customer and can’t remember just a
single person from hundreds of daily customers.

The security chief said to him *“Either tell us who he is, or we close this
place down”.* The man bravely stood tall and said

*“Close it, but if you want me to give you details about a man I do not
know then you are delusional”. A symbol of defiance from a man standing in
a queue. A symbol of nepotism by one woman who thinks she can say and do as
she pleases because of who she knows. A symbol of intimidation by security
forces enforcing jungle law. You cant even speak your mind in a bread
queue, and then Saif AlGaddafi says “we will have elections”. On what
planet do these people live?*

*1.7 million rally for Qaddafi? Not as it seems! * Now we have another video
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnWpeQKDCgA> from Qaddafi's massive support
rally in Tripoli on July 8th, 2011. I have already blogged about certain
questions surrounding this march in my dairy. Now this video from
libyaresistence <http://www.youtube.com/user/libyaresistance> purports to
show that many of those in attendance weren't from Tripoli. They write

Attempts to call on Tripoli residents to abandon local mosques and pray at
green square back fired for the regime, as attempts were made to show the
people of Tripoli stood by the “leader”. Local mosques remained open
despite the call by authorities, and local residents turned out in full to
pray at their usual mosques in defiance of the regime. The atmosphere was
visibly positive as it was very apparent that everyone present was making
an open stand against the regime. The regime amassed another crowd at
“green square” to rally for their cause. The crowd was not as large as
previous Friday and FGMovement were in attendance to evaluate the
situation. See this video for our explanation of the size of the crowd and
the scenes at the square. Rest assured, people of Libya, the majority of
the people of Tripoli were nowhere near “Green Square” today.

I describe how Gaddafi got people to his rallies:

Ahmed went missing in Tripoli near the very beginning of the uprising. His
> family now believes that he was arrested on February 22 and taken to the
> notorious Adu Salim prison with many others. At the time they assumed he
> had been shot dead and disappeared by soldiers, mercenaries or one of
> Qaddafi's security services, like so many others.
> So when a member of one Qaddafi's revolutionary committees told Ahmed's
> father, *"We have your son, he is being held at Abu Salim prison. If your
> family does not come out to demonstrate on Friday you will never see your
> son again."*, they paid him no never-mind and an extended clan of around
> 50 adult males and family refused to attend the rally. A few hours after
> the rally Ahmed's still warm body was dumped outside the family home with
> two bullets in his head.

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