[Marxism] FYI - story circulating re Israel and ISIS

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 23:55:02 MDT 2015

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From: Ken Hiebert via Marxism

> http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/10/21/breaking-story-israeli-general-captured-in-iraq-confesses-to-israel-isis-coalition/
> Breaking Story: Israeli General Captured in Iraq Confesses to 
> Israel-Isis Coalition

> “there is a strong cooperation between MOSSAD and ISIS top military 
> commanders...Israeli advisors helping the Organization on laying out 
> strategic and military plans, and guiding them in the battlefield”

Here's me thinking the reason ISIS spends all its time and energy waging 
war against the Syrian rebels, murdering their leaders, collaborating 
with Assad (even actively, like now: taking advantage of Russian/Assad 
offensive against rebels in Aleppo, to seize parts of northern Aleppo 
from the same rebels, and then *handing some of these gains over to the 
regime*), was only because they are counterrevolutionary scum. Turns out 
it is also because Israel is directing ISIS' activity. Pity I'm not a 
conspiracist, since it would work out perfectly.

(the conspiracists may not have worked that out, but being bright isn't 
their strong point).

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