[Marxism] ARGENTINA /The Left and Workers’ Front and the coming elections

Celeste Murillo celeste.murillo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 08:17:26 MDT 2015

Full article: http://leftvoice.org/The-Left-and-Workers-Front-Facing-History

The next government will find it more difficult to introduce a “gradual”
austerity plan. None of the advisors for the three major corporate
candidates deny the eventuality of devaluation. Some have tried to
articulate a differentiated plan by setting limits to the devaluation, but
all support the further acquisition of debt. The economy’s structure leads
to tense contradictions, all of which give way to austerity measures (all
the business candidates acknowledge they will apply an austerity agenda,
which has already begun), and greater confrontation of classes.

The stakes are high for October 25. Not only is the Left faced with the
most important presidential election in the last decades, but also with the
possibility (and need) to strengthen and consolidate the political and
social forces to fight against austerity and impose a working-class
response; a double historical challenge.

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