[Marxism] "We're voting left" in Argentina (Interview /Christian Castillo from PTS)

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Thu Oct 22 08:19:34 MDT 2015

Full interview:

INTERNATIONALLY, ARGENTINA is known for Lionel Messi's soccer skills and
its powerful social movements: the Mothers of the Plaza, the piqueteros,
the factory occupations, the movement for abortion rights, the labor
movement. Can you tell us a bit about some of the most important movements

SOME OF the movements you named have been active for decades, such as the
movement for human rights, even if a large part of those organizations were
co-opted by Kirchnerism. For example, the movement of the employed played
an important role during the crisis of 2001, but weakened when the economy
began to improve and employment grew.

The most important development under Kirchner governments was the growth of
the workers movement and the emergence of the left-wing unionism. This is
very significant because, until some years ago, we had to argue with
political currents who said that the working class had disappeared as an
object of capitalist exploitation.

During these years, we've seen the development of rank-and-file unionism,
with the rise of dozens of workplace delegates, internal commissions and
anti-bureaucratic activists, who fight with factory managers as well as
with the pro-management union leaders. This movement is extensive and
combative, and the left has been deeply involved--for example, in the
fights against the cuts at Lear auto parts manufacturing as well as the
struggle at Cresta Roja chicken processing plants and the strike by Route
60 bus drivers.

In particular, our party has done important work in this sector, and this
is being expressed in the hundreds of worker candidates running on the PTS
electoral lists in the FIT. For example, in the province of Buenos Aires,
the biggest in the country, the PTS presented 1,500 candidates in the
primary elections, of which 40 percent were industrial workers and 300 were

The movement against sexist violence is also growing. On June 3, a mass
mobilization was organized known as #Niunamenos (#Notoneless) against
sexist violence and the failure of the government to support women who
suffer gender violence. And on October 10-12, some 65,000 women attended
the National Women's Gathering in the Mar del Plata, which shows the depth
of the fight to stop violence against women and for legal and free
abortion. Our party participated actively in this movement through the
Bread and Roses formation, with a delegation of 2300 compañeras in

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