[Marxism] Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugals anti-euro Left banned from power

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 13:17:41 MDT 2015

Either I missed something or I'm suffering from end-of-the-workweek brain

First and most importantly, this implicit coup against Portuguese democracy
must be opposed, including by all those around the world who rallied
against the Troika's diktats in Greece.

But secondly, when did this agreement happen:

"Mr Tavares said the president has invoked the spectre of the Communists
and the Left Bloc as a “straw man” to prevent the Left taking power at all,
knowing full well that* the two parties agreed to drop their demands for
euro-exit, a withdrawal from Nato and nationalisation of the commanding
heights of the economy under a compromise deal to the forge the coalition*."
(emphasis added)

It's all the more puzzling given this earlier statement:

"In opposition to the PS's likely support for the conservatives, both Bloco
and the Communist Party have offered to discuss the possibility of forming
a majority government with the PS in order to end austerity. This would be
possible, as these three parties actually have a majority of parliament
seats between them. However, this is merely a tactical move, because both
Bloco and the Communist Party know that the conditions we would demand for
such a government of the left will be rejected by the PS.

"So this is a tactical move, but it's an important tactical move and a
correct one because it pushes the PS to clarify its position: Is it willing
to end austerity or not? It has been saying that it opposes austerity, but
this will be exposed as not true if it supports a government of the right,
which is what it will do for now.
"Our position is that there will be no government of the left because the
PS will not accept our anti-austerity conditions for such an agreement,
such as ending wage cuts, defending pensions and restructuring the debt."


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> <For the first time since the creation of Europe’s monetary union, a member
> state has taken the explicit step of forbidding eurosceptic parties from
> taking office on the grounds of national interest.
> "After we carried out an onerous programme of financial assistance,
> entailing heavy sacrifices, it is my duty, within my constitutional powers,
> to do everything possible to prevent false signals being sent to financial
> institutions, investors and markets,” he said.>
> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11949701/AEP-Eurozone-crosses-Rubicon-as-Portugals-anti-euro-Left-banned-from-power.html
> Meanwhile, today the National Assembly elected its President.
> For the first time since 1981, there were 2 candidates - one appointed by
> the Social-Democratic Party and the other by the Socialist Party.
> The Socialist candidate, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, was elected with 120
> votes for, 108 votes against and 2 blank votes.
> The Social-Democratic Party and the Democratic Social Center - Popular
> Party have 107 seats;
> The Communist Party, the Left Bloc, the Ecological Green Party and the
> Socialist Party have 122 seats;
> And the People-Animals-Nature has 1 seat.
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> Ricardo Salabert
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