[Marxism] Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugals anti-euro Left banned from power

Ricardo Salabert ricardo.salabert at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 14:40:37 MDT 2015

There were a couple of days after the elections in which the Socialist
Party was sending dubious messages regarding their support to either the
conservative coalition or the parliamentary left.
Antonio Costa, the socialist leader, even said he would not vote against
the right-wing government program in the National Assembly.
That allowed the left-wing parties to push harder terms for negotiation.

When their first talk with the right-wing coalition came to a standstill
and the conversations with the left-wing forces started, the Left Bloc
presented 3 redlines:
Not reducing the Single Social Tax (not decapitalizing the Social Security
Protecting jobs (not allowing easier sacking);
Protecting pensioners (unfreezing pensions).

Ricardo Salabert

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