[Marxism] Fwd: Memo to CounterPunch Readers: We Need You Now More Than Ever

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 26 07:55:23 MDT 2015

Memo to CounterPunch Readers: We Need You Now More Than Ever

This is our annual fund drive, a nerve-wracking time of year for all of 
us. CounterPunch has been surviving for more than twenty years on small 
(even micro) donations from our readers and subscriptions to 
CounterPunch magazine. We have never once farmed for grants or sought 
out corporate or government backing. But our margins are so slim that we 
never quite know whether we’re going to make it to mid-October to refill 
our coffers for another 12 months. Asking for money is awkward and even 
a little degrading. We’re journalists, not Wall Street hustlers.

So I thought I’d take a few minutes to give our most devoted readers a 
glimpse into the inner workings of CounterPunch: What we do and why we 
are being so rude as to interrupt your reading habits and beg you for 
money. I encourage you to read it and give us feedback and, of course, 
make a contribution to our work at this fraught hour when, as Cockburn 
used to say, the wolf is at our door.

Right now, if you are able to donate $100 or more, your donation will be 
matched by another generous CounterPuncher!

St. Clair book-Co-editor of Counterpunch and author Jeffrey St. Clair 
holds his book, "Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green To Me" as he 
discusses The Politics of Nature at Cal Poly Pomona January 21, 2004.

The CounterPunch website continues to be the engine that drives the 
entire CounterPunch train-providing sustenance for books, magazine, 
staff, dogs, goats and cats and other dependents. Traffic to the site 
grows exponentially, despite the proliferation of CounterPunch imitators 
across the web over the last few years. But so do the basic costs. Our 
business manager Becky Grant told me the yearly cost of maintaining the 
website has increased by 3,000 times since we the CounterPunch homepage 
first went online in 1997 – no that’s not a typo! Unfortunately, our 
contributors haven’t kept pace. The CounterPunch website is supported by 
fewer than 5 percent of our daily readers. This has to change for us to 
survive in the next few years as some of our other primary sources of 
funding dry up (or, to put it more harshly, die off). If each one of our 
online readers gave $5 a year we wouldn’t have to ask for money again 
for 5 years!


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